Cloud computing has led to the evolution of scalable education enterprise systems that are more reliant on onsite IT support or manual administrative and academic processes. Their massive scalability, accessibility on demand across the internet and the ability to automate academic processes make it a reliable, cost effective and efficient solution. Educational institutions can drastically reduce their IT costs, investment in infrastructure, ramp-up time, paper work and administrative headaches by utilizing our expertise in delivering a comprehensive educational ERP solution designed on a SAAS model.

Why every education institution needs to have our Educational ERP?

  • To streamline processes from admission management to communication with parents
  • To control work flow and functionality of the institution
  • To centralize information, track and resolve issues
  • To keep users current on information
  • To reduce administrative overheads and improve delivery (admission, fees, student records, etc.)
  • To effectively manage academic processes such as classes/grades, exams/tests, grading, course assignments, and attendance
  • To improve communication between institution’s departments, parents, teachers and students
  • User friendly system requiring no technical knowhow
  • Highly secure, scalable and seamless
  • Low cost of total ownership
  • Centralized information
  • Report export capabilities into multiple formats
  • Email, SMS reports, alerts
  • Performance analysis and MIS
  • Online parent and student portal for communications
  • Online access to course materials, assignments, grades for students/parents
  • Online teacher portal to manage assignments, student reports, course material etc