Web and Enterprise Portals

We help build web and enterprise portals that integrate data sources, content and applications, readily and easily accessible from anywhere by the user. We work with you to define the functionality and processes required to match the user characteristics and meet your business objectives.

Web or public portals aim at interacting directly with the audience and hence the set of functionality requirements will comprise of e-commerce features, enhanced search options, voting and commenting functionality, profiling and social networks connectivity, etc., allowing direct interaction with the end user and facilitating both gathering data from, and supplying data to them.

Enterprise portals on the other hand are specific to a business and hence dependent on specific domain knowledge, operational activities, collaboration, decision-making, knowledge management, etc. Such ERPs that control a corporate or business environment require thorough business analysis in order to build and implement the apt business logic, collaborative capabilities and functionalities.

Our portal solutions can include the following functionalities, depending upon type of portal:

  • E-Commerce module with payments and billing
  • Content Management and Distribution
  • Collaboration
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Access
  • Web 2.0 & Social Networking

Social Networking Applications

A social networking application or tool revolves around one core component – communication – and all functionalities must hence align with this primary element. We can help you conceptualize, design and develop an online social networking platform or tool

  • Communities – custom built communities with unique branding and networking features and tools to cater to a general or niche audience
  • E-commerce capabilities – integration of payment systems or gateways to convert your social network to a smart shopping tool that supplements your social commerce project
  • Enhancement for your online service – appending a social networking application to your website/web application to take your online services to the next level
  • Media exchange tools – store and deliver large data volumes for exchange and delivery of media content
  • Frontend and backend tools – efficient and easy management, tracking and response capabilities by the use of generic and advanced tools
    • User Dashboards & Profiles
    • Status Update Feed
    • Media Gallery & Comments
    • Media & Content Rating System
    • Content Flagging
    • Friends Lists & Search
    • Groups
    • Media Rating System
    • Polls and Contests
    • Blogs & Blog Comments
    • Discussion Threads
    • Calendars and Events
    • Alerts and Notifications
    • Instant Messaging
    • Popular Social Networks Connect
    • Custom Features and Workflows
    • Dynamic Profiles
    • Customizable Themes
    • Specific-formats Content Support
    • Social Commerce Features
    • Business Collaboration Tools
    • Media Streaming Solutions

And more…

    • Admin Roles Management
    • User Management System
    • Content Management System
    • Content Moderation Workflows
    • Ad Management System
    • Scheduling
    • Task Management
    • Performance Monitoring Tools
    • User Statistics Monitoring
    • In-depth User Management
    • Enhanced Statistics & BI Tools
    • User Behavior Research
    • Dynamic Ad and Content Targeting
    • Payments and Billing
    • Order Processing Systems

And more…

Healthcare ERP Solutions

Operational efficiency is a top concern of the healthcare industry as it determines the quality of healthcare delivered. An optimum solution can reduce costs and optimize back end operations. For the healthcare continuum to run seamlessly the back end functions need to be efficient across supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, human resources, finance and billing. The introduction of the patient into the ecosystem has been a value addition in order to improve patient relations, transparency, and customer service. High ROIs, improved talent management, error reduction, reduced paper work, centralized and integrated data distribution, real time access from anywhere underline the positives of an ERP solution for the domain.

Overview of Healthcare ERP solutions from GSI

  1. Comprehensive integrated solutions – Our healthcare ERPs aim at increasing the connectivity between the core services, support services, back office and the patient.
  2. Adaptability and scalability – Since the hospitality sector comprises of operations of varying scales our solutions have been designed to be scalable to meet the requirements of the healthcare entity. Modules and module functionalities can be selectively assigned based on the scale of operations.
  3. End to end solutions – consisting of separate but centrally integrated modules for core services, support services, the back office and the patient.
  4. Real-time connectivity – with Web-portals with anytime, anywhere access
  5. SMS and email Alert System
  6. Integration with Hand held Devices such as Display Boards, PDA’s, Mobiles, etc.
  7. Single Integrated View to Patients for Billing, Collection, Patient Medical History, Discharge Detail, etc.
  8. Quick Appointment, inpatient allocation
  9. Multiple cost management for billing, registration and other services
  10. Effective built in search facility
  11. MIS and Data analysis
  12. Comprehensive Reporting
  13. Easy Centralized Backup Options

Solutions scalable for following healthcare entities

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics/Doctors
  • Pharmacies
  • Healthcare Referrers/TPAs
  • Front desk Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Management
  • Hospital Administration Management Hospital Monitoring
  • Operation Theater (OT) Management, Ward Management
  • Bed Management
  • Clinical Support Management (Laboratory, Blood Bank, Pharmacy, Electronic Medical Records Management )
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Payroll Management
  • Doctors Workbench
  • Nursing Workbench
  • Patient Workbench
  • Patient Billing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Dietary Management
  • Housekeeping  Management
  • Equipment Maintenance System
  • Insurance and Contracts Management
  • Management Information System (MIS) / Reports Management
  • User Security Management
  • Database Management
  • Patient Portal

Education ERP Solutions

Cloud computing has led to the evolution of scalable education enterprise systems that are more reliant on onsite IT support or manual administrative and academic processes. Their massive scalability, accessibility on demand across the internet and the ability to automate academic processes make it a reliable, cost effective and efficient solution. Educational institutions can drastically reduce their IT costs, investment in infrastructure, ramp-up time, paper work and administrative headaches by utilizing our expertise in delivering a comprehensive educational ERP solution designed on a SAAS model.

Why every education institution needs to have our Educational ERP?

  • To streamline processes from admission management to communication with parents
  • To control work flow and functionality of the institution
  • To centralize information, track and resolve issues
  • To keep users current on information
  • To reduce administrative overheads and improve delivery (admission, fees, student records, etc.)
  • To effectively manage academic processes such as classes/grades, exams/tests, grading, course assignments, and attendance
  • To improve communication between institution’s departments, parents, teachers and students
  • User friendly system requiring no technical knowhow
  • Highly secure, scalable and seamless
  • Low cost of total ownership
  • Centralized information
  • Report export capabilities into multiple formats
  • Email, SMS reports, alerts
  • Performance analysis and MIS
  • Online parent and student portal for communications
  • Online access to course materials, assignments, grades for students/parents
  • Online teacher portal to manage assignments, student reports, course material etc

Content Management Solutions

The speed and efficiency of information distribution is pivotal to business management. Content management solutions do just that and more. Whether it is a solution to furnish and update your corporate website with messages for your clients or general public, whether it is to build a knowledgebase for your employees or partners, we are competent in providing easy to use, flexible and scalable content management solutions to help you communicate over the web. The extent of features and modules are determined by the exact nature of your requirements and business nature. Our range of solutions include

  • Web Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Media Management
  • Content Collaboration
  • Integrated Editing Tools to edit and publish content
  • Easy edit interface with WYSIWYG editor
  • Multiple user defined roles and permissions –moderator author etc
  • Multi-user Editing
  • Multiple publishing option – re-use content in different contexts
  • Media manager – File and Image Management
  • Version Control
  • Archiving
  • Task management – to assign tasks  to sub users