At GSI, we provide you with a large talent pool of IT resources who can provide dedicated support for your IT requirements. Utilizing a dedicated team of experts to handle an ongoing project or for deploying a large IT project can help you cut down the administrative costs related to hiring and the time gap between training and deployment.

We will provide you with a team, based on your specific requirements, who will act as your extended staff and work directly and exclusively for you. The dedicated team can be housed within GSI or may work onsite at your office if you choose.

Why opt for a dedicated team?

  • Option to have from one to as many dedicated experts on your team
  • Access to an unlimited pool of resources and specialized services
  • Complete control over team structure, working hours, project flow
  • Team is scalable as per requirements and other expert types can be included
  • Ready to use IT infrastructure
  • Reduced administrative, hiring, and overhead costs
  • Faster time to market due to reduced training and infrastructure setup time
  • You dictate technology, methodology and reporting process
  • Pre-screening of each team member if needed
  • Complete protection of your intellectual property rights